Matthias Lange

My name is Matthias Lange and since 2001 I've been living in Dresden, Germany. Thank you for taking interest in me and feel free to take a look around this website. To learn more about me please have a look at my resumé. Please have a look into my blog to learn something about my current occupation.

I have graduated from TU Dresden with a diploma in computer science in September 2007. In between I have founded in 2005 the one-man company Maccent - Matthias Lange Softwareentwicklung which offers development of individual software. One of my first projects was a Mac OS X driver for the SIS1100 PCI card. Since the introduction of the iPhone I am concentrating on iPhone development as well.

Since August 2013 I am working for the startup Kernkonzept in Dresden, Germany. I am extending and developing the L4Re microkernel as well the complementing userland.

As this is primarily my personal homepage you will find things about my hobbies, personal interests and my current activities.

In October 2001 I have started my study of computer science at the Technische Universität Dresden. Here you will find informations about my study. With the beginning of december 2006 I finished my bachelor thesis titled "Porting the Fiasco micro-kernel to PowerPC". My diploma thesis is about improving the multiprocessor support in the Fiasco micro-kernel. I have graduated in September 2007.
During my studies I started developing for the Mac OS X platform. At this time I also was a member of the Apple Developer Connection. My biggest and most interesting project at this time was the development of a driver for Mac OS X. Besides that I've developed a few Cocoa-based projects. Since the end of 2008 I am also developing for the iPhone platform. My first application in the App Store is DVBLive.
At comprehensive school I gained interest into astronomy. To put the theory into practice I've bought a 115mm reflector telescope. My biggest success so far, was the ring nebula M57, which is not observable with naked eyes. Since I've been living in Dresden, I had no chance for observation because it is to light in the night.
En route
I like traveling, especially with an active part like biking or canoeing. Getting in touch with the nature has its own fascination. I like the peace when canoeing in Mazuri/Poland. The biggest highlight was my trip to San Francisco 2005 to Apple WWDC.
So, what's more? Read my resumé to learn more about me. Check the publications section to find documents and talks written by me. My blog is a good starting point to see, what I am currently doing.