SIS1100 Mac OS X Driver

SIS1100 Mac OS X Driver

The SIS1100 is a PCI card connecting to VME controllers by fibre link. Read more about it on the pages of the manufacturer Struck in Hamburg, Germany.

Along with a technical seminar at DESY Zeuthen, I was asked to develop a Mac OS X driver for this PCI card, because there were only Windows and Linux drivers available. The purpose of this development was to replace an acient VME access system (Mac Quadra 860 and a MacVEE Nubus card) with newer hardware (SIS1100/SIS3100 and Mac OS X). First I did the development as a student assistent, but in early 2005 I was founding the company Maccent - Matthias Lange Software development to continue this task.

Current status

At the moment the driver supports different VME access methods:

  • VME single read/write (32bit, 16bit and 8bit values)
  • VME block read/write (32bit, 16bit and 8bit values)
  • direct VME bus access (32bit, 16bit and 8bit values)

This functionality is available through a user interface, which implements exclusive device access.


If you are interested in the driver, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you like to see some other features in the driver, I am open to your suggestions. I am glad hearing from you.


Reccent documentation is available on the homepage of my company Maccent - Matthias Lange Softwareentwicklung.